In the production of bricks, the fracture occurs, which can not be sold to customers, for building houses.

We have concluded an agreement with more brickyards in  northwest Croatia, and from them we buy broken bricks and transport them to our facility for processing.

By recycling of such  material, grinding technology, screening and calibration, all result in production of Tenisit.  Pneumatic reversible screens take care of strictly given granulometry , while the calibrating machine is responsible for the amount of the nominal diameter of the grain. We must admit that the secret of the quality is not only in automated facility, but the secret of our Tenisit is both in pure clay of unique performances, as well as in our employees, who are truly experts in their field. By a permanent control of the production, we got the material that the world's biggest tennis names have recognized as a very commendable.

Since our product is completely pure ground baked clay, without any additives, it is not harmful to human health, animals and plants, causes no harm, and  is recognized as a very acceptable product for the construction of tennis courts and other recreational tracks and other sports facilities.



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10360 Sesvete, Soblinec

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