On the prepared surface apply the layer of Tenisit that has a thickness of approximately 6 cm. After careful levelling, gradually wet excessively, at intervals, being careful to avoid mudding of material (over watering), and then leave the court for half an hour to get the moisture evenly distributed. If the moisture is optimal, we can start with rolling the material, taking into account that the roller operator pushes device in front of him/herself, to avoid trampling of untreated surface. This activity is easiest to be performed by a lighter roller (150 - 200 kg), while in the later stages of rolling, the heavier roller is supposed to be used, either manual or mechanical one. Rolling should run crosswise, because the court will not get the "grooves" (depressions). Professionals and connoisseurs of good Tenisit will allow themselves to start with a heavier roller from the first phase. In 50-60% of desired hardness it is necessary to mount the lines, and then to achieve the optimum hardness by rolling.  Level the court by the screed, pull the net - carpet, install the equipment and you've just finished your tennis court.

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