We are proud to remember back in 1987, when we, as a small workshop, began producing  TENISIT.  It was a time when the industrial production of this product was very little known, which has forced us to 'take on'  to explore the formula that will give optimum results and meet the required performance. We have already then had, just as nowdays, we do have, a very good cooperation with tennis centers, clubs and individuals, which are hereby immensely grateful, because we have with their help, which manifested through the feedback on the impressions and evaluations of world known tennis names, gradually brought a quality of the product to a level of today's TENISIT.  If our desires and aspirations for continuous quality improvement, are complemented with the excellence of Croatian clay, by whose mix we get well-known TENISIT, which has been built into the world's most eminent courts, for the needs of the biggest tennis events.

In our production facility in Zagreb, we are able to respond to every request of Yours, whether it is on quality, quantity or postage of the goods. On our two lines for bagging of Tenisit, we pack  material into big bags and bags of 25 kg. In our twenty five years of business activity, we have gained valuable experience in the profession, through our own construction executive, where we could spot even a minimum of defects on the field, which we have, to the great satisfaction of our customers, always resolved well. We are proud of the results of the twenty-five years of work.



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10360 Sesvete, Soblinec

Livadićeva 5